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ACTC Tabletop Game Day: Home

Thank you to everyone who came!

Schedule (actual gameplay may affect start times)

Start Time Game Type

DnD 1 (New player)                Registration Closed (FULL)

1pm DnD 2 (Experienced player)  Registration Closed (FULL) RPG
1pm Dungeon Mayhem* Card
1pm Munchkin Card
1pm Exploding Kittens Card
1pm Azul Tile placement
1pm Nefarious* Board
1pm Mansions of Madness Narrative
1pm Ticket to Ride Placement
1pm Villainous Board/card
2pm Dungeon Mayhem Card
2pm Munchkin Card
2pm Sushi Go Card
2pm Lanterns Tile placement
2pm Tsuro* Tile placement
2pm Star Fluxx Card
2pm Catan Worker placement
2pm Gloom Narrative/card
3pm Dungeon Mayhem Card
3pm Munchkin Card
3pm Love Letter Card
3pm Dutch Blitz Card
3pm Catan Jr.* Worker placement
3pm Code Names Team/Party
3pm Forbidden Island Co-op/Board
3pm Pit Card

*kid-friendly game


Warren Lords


Director of Library Services

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Pamela Klinepeter
1400 College Dr.
Ashland, KY 41101
(606) 326-2254