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FYE 100: College Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Every student receives a KCTCS email address during the registration process.  This is the official channel of communication between you and ACTC.  You should use this email address to communicate with college offices/departments and your instructors.  You are expected to check your student email on a regular basis.  At least once a day is a good rule of thumb, especially on days you have class, in case there are changes to your meeting location, if a class is canceled, is the College has to close due to an emergency, etc.  For a self-paced video tutorial on email, check out:

Get Started with the Internet>Using Your Email>Become an Email Expert

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Pathfinder's Advice

Classroom Professionalism


    • Your attendance is expected for every class.  If for any reason you can't attend class, you should notify your instructor as soon as possible.  DO NOT ask "Did I miss anything?"  The answer is ALWAYS "Yes, you did."  Instead, ask what you need to do to get caught up.  It's a good idea to identify a few people in each class that you feel comfortable asking for notes.


    • Class time is limited and can't be "made up."  Out of respect for your instructor, your classmates, and yourself, arrive on time (or early) for class.


    • Bring all required materials with you (books, paper, pencil, calculator, etc.) and make sure that if your instructor has assigned something to be done outside of class before you arrive (reading a chapter, watching a video, doing practice problems, etc.), DO IT BEFORE YOU COME TO CLASS.  They aren't assigning busy work.  Remember, class time is limited, so instructors ask you to do things BEFORE you come to class so that you have time to do things IN class.  If you haven't done the work outside of class, the activities in class can't help you.


    • Take turns talking, don't talk over someone else, use appropriate and professional language (avoid cursing and inappropriate language or any kind, in particular racial or sexual).  You will have to talk about difficult/controversial subjects.  You will have to talk to people who don't agree with you.  You should always remain calm and respectful.  The classroom is no place for shouting matches.


    • Pay attention, ask questions, answer questions, do your work.


    • All of us can be easily distracted.  Don't be a distraction to others by:

      • coming in late/leaving early

      • bringing food to class (a snack or drink might be fine, but you shouldn't be bringing a full meal to class and eating it in front of everyone)

      • answering calls/texts during class (turn off your phone or set it to silent)

      • having side conversations with others unrelated to the class