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QEP: Committee

Writing Team

QEP Writing Team

  • QEP Director: Dr. Nicole Griffith-Green, Interim Dean Chair Arts & Sciences
  • Richard Merritt, Associate Professor Mathematics
  • Vicki McGinnis, Assistant Professor Developmental Reading and English
  • Deena Howerton, Instructor Practical Nursing
  • Mike Tackett, Instructor Electrical Technology
  • Dave Childress, Professor Computers & Information Technology
  • Megan Horne, Director of Student Support Services
  • Janet Thompson, Co-Director of Advising (Instructor of Medical Information Technology beginning Fall 2016)
  • Mike Hobbs, ACTC Foundation Board
  • Toni Armstrong, ACTC Board of Directors
  • Kathryn Barber, Student Government Association President
  • Steve Flouhouse, Dean of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness
  • Ella Smith, Administrative Assistant for the Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness, serving as the committee recorder
  • Keri Jones, Student Government Association President (Added August 2016)
  • Dan Bailey, Professor and Advisor (Added September 2016)
  • Mikaela McDonald, Student Government Association President (Added August 2017)

Implementation Team

QEP Implementation Team (updated February 2021)

  • QEP Director:  Dr. Todd Brand, Academic Dean
  • QEP Coordinator:  Vicki McGinnis, Associate Professor
  • Sara Brown, Title III and Technology Coordinator
  • Taylor Alexander, Director of Marketing
  • Steve Woodburn, Dean of Student Support and Enrollment Services
  • Robin Lewis, Registrar and Director of Admissions
  • Pamela Klinepeter, Director of Library Services
  • Steve Flouhouse, Dean of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness
  • Richard Merritt, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Shannon Hankins, Associate Dean of Career and Technical Education
  • Molly Webb, Director of Career Services