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MAKERspace: 3D Printing Equipment and Resources

Information, policies, and resources related to the ACTC Library MAKERspace at College Drive.

Coming Soon

Now at College Drive and Technology Drive:  Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printers

3D Printers

At College Drive Library

Leonardo: da Vinci 1.0AiO, 3D printer/3D scanner.  Specs available online.

Donatello: daVinci 1.0A, 3D printers.  Specs available online.

At Technology Drive Library

MichelangelodaVinci 1.0A, 3D printers.  Specs available online.

For more information about xyzprinting, visit the official site, and their YouTube channel.

3D Printing Requests

To submit a 3D printing request:

Consult 3D Printing Policy for complete details.

Finishing 3D Prints

Filament Types

Filament is the material with which 3D printers print, the way copiers and printers use toner and ink.  Our printers use plastic filament.  The two basic types are ABS and PLA.

ABS filament is petroleum based and melts at a higher temperatures (around 230 degrees C).

PLA filament is a plant starch plastic and melts at a lower temperature (around 180 degrees C).

Which is better?  Well, it depends...

Online Resources

Object Repositories

Free Design Software:

3D Pens

We have several 3D pens available for in-library use as well as check out (for a week).  PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO USE.