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ACTC Citation: Chicago Style

Information on citing sources in MLA and APA styles

What are Chicago and Turabian Styles?

Chicago Style and Turabian Style

Citation styles from the University of Chicago Press. Used in History and in other disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.  Designed for students writing term papers, Turabian omits the publication details included in The Chicago Manual of Style.  Note: If you can't find a citation example in the Turabian manual see Chicago.

Features:Uses footnotes. Page numbers are required for direct quotes.

Citation Examples: Books


Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

Single author
Franklin, John Hope. George Washington Williams: A Biography. Chicago:
    University of Chicago Press, 1985.

Two or three authors
Kernighan, Brian W., and Dennis M. Ritchie. The C Programming Language. Cliffs, N.J.:
     Prentice-Hall, 1978.

Editor or compiler as author
von Hallberg, Robert, ed. Canons. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1984.

Article or chapter in a book
Beech, Mary Higdon. “The Domestic Realm in the Lives of Hindu Women in Calcutta.”
    In Separate Worlds: Studies of Purdah in South Asia, edited by Hanna Papnanek and
    Gail Minaul, 110-38. Delhi: Chanakya, 1982.

Citation Examples: Periodicals


Lastname, Firstname. “Title of Article.” Title of Periodical vol# (Year): Pages.

Article in a scholarly journal

Jackson, Richard. "Running Down the Up-Escalator: Regional Inequality in Papua
    New Guinea." Australian Geographer 14 (1979): 175-84.

Entire issue or special section of a journal
Good, Thomas, ed. “Non-subject-matter Outcomes of Schooling.” Special issue,
    Elementary School Journall 99, no. 5 (1999).

Article in a popular magazine
Weber, Bruce. "The Myth Maker: The Creative Mind of Novelist E. L. Doctorow." U.S.
    News and World Report, October 1985, 42.

Article in a newspaper
Camille, Andre. "Deciding Who Gets Dibs on Health-Care Dollars." Wall Street Journal,
    March 27, 1984): Section 1.

Periodical published annually
Wilson, G. M. 1917. A Survey of the Social Business Use of Arithmetic. In Sixteenth
    Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
, 20-22. Bloomington Ill.
    Public School Publishing Co.

Citation Examples: Electronic Resources


When listing a web site in your bibliography, it may be difficult to find all the information for a full citation. Include as much of the following information as identifiable: author/sponsor, title of the site and its URL. Although individual authors may publish information on a web site, you will also find web resources created by an institution or organization.

World Wide Web

Mortimer, Gail. “The William Faulkner Society Home Page” (Accessed November 19 2008).

Article From A Library Database
Haglund, David G. and Tudor Onea. "Victory without Triumph: Theodore Roosevelt,
    Honour, and the Alaska Panhandle Boundary Dispute." Diplomacy & Statecraft 19,
    no. 1 (2008): 20-41.

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