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SOC 235 (Inequality in Society): Home

SOC 235 Course Description

SOC 235 (3) Inequality in Society

Course ID: 002258

Analyzes the nature, development, and persistence of inequality in various societies. Diverse dimensions of inequality are viewed as the basis for a number of specific social problems in Western and non-Western societies. Social origins of inequality are emphasized. Policy implications are addressed.

Pre-requisite: Three hours of sociology or Consent of Instructor. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours). Components: Lecture Attributes: Cultural Studies, SB - Social Behavior Science 

Course Competencies and Outline

KCTCS Competencies for SOC 235

 Upon completion of this course, the student can:

  1. Explain the sociological perspective on social inequality.
  2. Describe the major theoretical perspectives on inequality.
  3. Recognize the role of social institutions in inequality. 
  4. Identify the global distribution of power and attendant inequalities. 


​I. Social Inequality

A. Sociological Approach(s) to Social Inequality

B. Overview of Social Inequalities

II.  The Study of Stratification

A. Social Classes

B. Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

C. Global inequality

Suggested Online Resources


Bias referes to a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others, which usually results in treating some people unfairly.  When evaluating sources, it is important to look for and recognize bias so as not to confuse a writer's opinion with facts.  It is equally important to be aware of your own biases so that you don't discount credible sources just because they differ from your opinions.

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