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SOC 101 Course Description

SOC 101  (3 credit hours)  

Introduction to Sociology  

Introduces concepts and methods of sociology including investigation of socialization, group processes, social inequality, social institutions, and social change.Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours).

Attributes: SB - Social Behavior Science

Components: LEC: Lecture

Learning Outcomes/Course Competencies

As a result of taking this course in sociology, you will have: 

1. gained knowledge of human cultures through the use of the sociological imagination 

2. developed skills in inquiry and analysis by examining diverse cultural practices using the sociological imagination 

3. integrated knowledge of these sociological concepts as a way of relating to others in a diverse global world learned personal and social responsibility through an understanding of the cultural diversity present within societies 

Upon completion of this course, the student can: 

1. Read with comprehension.

2. Make connections in learning across the disciplines and draw logical conclusions.   

3. Demonstrate problem-solving through interpreting, analyzing, summarizing, and/or    integrating a variety of materials.  

4. Apply learning in academic, personal, and/or public situations.  

5. Recognize the relationship of the individual to human heritage and culture.  

6. Recognize the major perspectives of sociology, important Sociologists and their ideas. 

7. Identify the basics of social research.  

8. Demonstrate an understanding* of the sociological concept of culture. 

9. Recognize the processes of socialization throughout the life cycle. 

10. Identify the means and mechanisms of social control in societies.  

11. Identify the sociological concept of deviance and its manifestations. 

12. Recognize the basic concepts of social structure.  

13. Demonstrate an understanding* of social institutions in society.  

14. Demonstrate an understanding* of social stratification and its significance. 

15. Recognize the importance and role of race and ethnicity in society.  

16. Recognize the importance of gender in society. 

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