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Government Documents: Tax Filing Information

Includes links and information regarding Government Documents sites and sources.

Government Tax Filing Links

ACTC Library Statement Regarding Tax Forms

The ACTC Library no longer carries paper copies of Federal or States tax forms.  Librarians and library staff are also unable to provide any tax advice or assist you in filling out tax forms. 

Did you know if you or your spouse have defaulted on student loans or owe money for other non-tax debt (like child support), any refund you may be entitled to can be taken by Department of Treasury.  If you are newly married or have been married for only a couple of years, you may not know if your refund can be taken.  You can call and check (by social security number) to see if there is a debt owed.  The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service has an automated hotline where this information is distributed.  Call 1-800-304-3107 to find out if you, your spouse, or dependents owe money.  *NOTE: It is illegal and punishable to enter any other social security number besides your own, without the express written permission of the other person. 

 If you discover that you or your spouse does owe money and it was debt acquired previous to your marriage, or if you believe the debt is not owed, there are steps you can take to make sure your refund is not taken.  For more information regarding this issue, you should review the information found on the IRS' website

 Information on this page is informational only and should not be considered advice.  You should see a tax professional or carefully read the instructions found with each tax form in order to properly file your taxes. 


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