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FYE 100: Policies and Procedures

ACTC Student Policies, Rights, and Responsibilities

Tobacco-Free Campus


Reminder:  No tobacco usage or vaping on any campuses except in your personal vehicle.

Emergency Closing

Please use your own judgment as to whether you should travel during inclement weather.

Ashland Community and Technical College seldom closes; however, the college does occasionally have an emergency closing. When the college closes, it may be done as the entire college, or it may be done by campus location only.

The college makes closing decisions based on campus conditions. It is not based on the decisions of other colleges or local school systems. Decisions to close are made as early in the morning as possible, based on current conditions.

The most accurate closing and delay information is available from the following sources:

  • ACTC Website:
  • Your KCTCS e-mail account
  • ACTC's main phone line: 606.326.2000
  • Text message: Go to to sign up for SNAP alerts (weather and emergency information)
  • ACTC's Facebook and Twitter pages (@AshlandCTC on Facebook and @ACTC on Twitter)

​News media are given the information and you may see closing information in the local media. If you are unsure of the status, is best to double-check one of the college's official sources, as listed above.


Just because you stop going to class doesn't mean you are automatically dropped from classes.  If you stop attending and do not officially withdraw, you will receive a failing grade and you will still be responsible for payment.

ACTC Security Information


Federal Law requires ACTC to publish yearly crime reports and crime logs and make them available to students and the community.